We will now accept the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship this year and beyond as long as there is no intrusion of the government in our education process. Concerning this scholarship and other tuition discounts, please note the following:

  • The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship will be accepted on a year-to-year basis depending upon obligations placed upon Headwaters Christian Academy by the governing authority. If unbiblical demands are placed upon the school relating to enrollment demographics, faculty demographics, curriculum requirements, or general school governance, then Headwaters will cease to accept the NC Opportunity scholarship. We will not compromise the established biblical, ethical, and educational standards.

  • Families must submit all required forms and pay all fees (registration and resource) before acceptance of Opportunity Scholarship by the school.

  • We will limit classroom sizes to 15 students and reinforce our classroom code of conduct.

  • Every new family will go through an interview with the Headmaster to ensure we have a like-minded understanding of our biblical worldview, educational model, moral/ethical foundations, and classroom expectations.

  • Scholarship funds only cover tuition, so everyone will be responsible for at minimum their resource fees and administrative fees.

  • All sources of tuition assistance and discounting shall be considered in total when determining additional financial aid. The committee will not apply multiple discounts (i.e., multiple children, employees, pastoral, single wage earner). The highest applicable discount or scholarship assistance shall be used, but not the sum of both.

  • Individual financial assistance shall be kept discreet, and any breach of information is considered grounds for retraction of financial assistance granted.

  • All families receiving financial discounts are expected to contribute to the school’s volunteer needs.

If you are interested in the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, the registration begins February 1 and should be completed by March 1 for each school year to be considered in the first lottery. Recipients will be notified starting in March depending on their respective tier.

You must let us know by checking the appropriate box on your registration form if you will be applying for these funds.

Additional information for parents:

Application Link > https://www.ncseaa.edu/k12/opportunity/

NC Opp Webinar – Parent Facing