PreK – 5th Curriculum Overview

PRE-K (4yrs old by August 31st)

3 Days Tuition $175/month or 5 days Tuition $280/month

Yearly Resource Fee $250/child

Learning should be fun and exciting and it begins at an early age! We seek to establish the joyful pursuit of learning in the hearts of children by providing foundational instruction with interactive learning. Children also need the opportunity to play and learn basic social skills in a healthy and wholesome environment. Classes meet either 3 days (Tue-Thu) or 5 days for a half day of instruction and fun!  Hours are 7:45am to 11:30am.

GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Kindergarten to 5th grade)

*(5 years old by August 31st to be considered for Kindergarten)

Kindergarten Tuition $4,600/year or $460/month

1st-5th Tuition $4,800 or $480/month

Yearly Resource Fee $400/child

We seek to develop the whole child by providing engaging instruction in a comprehensive core of grammar, math, and literature. We also offer exciting enrichment activities along with a daily Bible instruction. Students discover wonderful books and hands-on learning. They also uncover God’s truth though discovery and learning in STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Enrichment, Art, and Music). In sum, students are grounded in foundational building blocks essential for a life of learning.

6th-12th Curriculum Overview

LOGIC SCHOOL (6th – 8th)

Tuition $5,300/year or $530/month

Yearly Resource Fee $500/child

We aspire to help students progress from possessing knowledge to understanding and applying truth. Our curriculum ensures a grounding in the core subjects while uncovering that all knowledge works together to make sense of the world created by God. We strive to help students see the relationship between ideas, individuals, and the past and how to be guided by God’s revelation. Students are trained to write effectively, speak eloquently, think cogently, and govern themselves. We desire to shape great minds and great character.

RHETORIC SCHOOL (9th – 11th)

Tuition $5,600/year or $560/month

Yearly Resource Fee $500/child


After School Care $220/month

Afterschool care is from 2:30 pm-6:00 pm and provides an opportunity for children to do their homework with tutors, enjoy some fun and fellowship playing with other children.

There is a Yearly Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $125 per child.

A lump sum discount for payment in full by August 1st is available as well as a multiple child discount for families with 2 or more children enrolled in K-11th grade.

10% off tuition for 2 enrolled, 20% off tuition for 3 enrolled, and 30% off tuition for 4 or more enrolled.  Discount will be taken off youngest child’s tuition cost only.