Activity:  Hart Square, Vale NC – 3rd & 5th Grades

Description:  Our 3rd & 5th Grade Classes will travel to Hart Square in Vale, NC where they will move through several stations during their visit, including a tour of several 19th-century log cabins, herb gardening, a square dancing station, and pottery they may take home with them.

Location: 5055 Hope Road, Vale, NC 28168

Date: April 11th

Time: 8:30am – 2:15pm

Cost:  Free (student tickets are provide by HCA)

A few more details:

We will be leaving the school at 8:30am on a church bus driven by Pastor Scott.  We will travel to Hart Square in Vale, NC and then travel back to the school.  We should arrive back at school no later than 2:15pm.

There will also be a 30-40 minute lunch break after the first three rotations and a seating area for dining. They DO NOT have food available on-site. For those that have purchased lunch from the school, we will provide a bagged lunch.  All other students must bring their own completely disposable lunch and drink for the day.  No refillable water bottles will be allowed.

Please have your child wear tennis shoes and HCA Shirt.

Headwaters Permission Form - Hart Square

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